Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kuala Lumpur Versus Malaysia

When we talked about Kuala Lumpur, we see the city that totally different from other cities in Malaysia and not too much to say Kuala Lumpur not only different and unique in Malaysia but also in world. After 52 year 'Merdeka', Kuala Lumpur have changed a lot from a small village with mines activities to a big city with many activities of business, manufacturing and also administration.

Petronas Twin Tower KLCC

As I talked about Kuala Lumpur, I just remembered one of my pen pal from Europe.He asked me, where I from and I said I'm from Malaysia. He just blur then. Where are this country called Malaysia in the map? But when I mentioned Kuala Lumpur to him, he spontaneous said "I know Petronas Twin Towers KLCC, which is the tallest building in the world at that time. He also said LIMA (Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition) and F1 also among the famous activities that has been organized in Kuala Lumpur.

From that, we can say that outside people don't know wheres is the state of the activities has been organized but they had the idea the activities was organized in Kuala Lumpur. So, Kuala Lumpur is mean everything for us. Kuala Lumpur is like a reference to others people to know more about Malaysia. Alhamdullillah, Kuala Lumpur is now more adorable, beautiful , unique and most important is Kuala Lumpur is a peaceful place for everyone.

Kuala Lumpur Tower

All my friend, if we want to protect all this, we must unite. We must be one group, one community and one nations. We all Malaysian. Our Prime Minister also stated in his slogan, 1 Malaysia. I'm not Malay. You are not Chinese or Indian. We all are one. Malaysian. We must proud to be Malaysian. We had one identity, one culture and also one tradition. In Malaysia, it is easy to see the Malays eat Yong Taufu, the Chinese's eat Roti Canai and Indians eat nasi lemak. Only not food,our clothes are same. Even in Malaysia, you can see amoi ( Chinese young girl) wears Baju Kurung especially when Friday.

Kuala Lumpur, complete with all the signboard that you need

In Kuala Lumpur, if you want to buy Malays items and accessories, just go down to Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman at Saturday night. Chinese accessories at Petaling street and Indian accesories at Masjid India or famous with name Little India. At Petronas Twin Towers KLCC, the most beautiful and tallest building in Kuala Lumpur, you can take your family to shop around in Suria KLCC, to relax your mind or to do some of outdoor activities. The beautiful park around KLCC are the most suitable place for the outdoor activities. For Muslim, you can visit and do prayer in a beautiful mosque which located nearby the KLCC.

What, traffic jam? Common guys. This is FEDERAL TERRITORY. Do you think Malaysia Goverment will make you suffer in Kuala Lumpur? Haha. Just name it, where placed you want to go. Public transports are ready to send you to any where, any part of Kuala Lumpur. You can reached there whether by Komuter, LRT, Monorail or bus.

My story about Kuala Lumpur will never ends but we are One Malaysia. It is your turn to continue it.

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patungcendana said...

tapi aku tak suka signboard di KL...buat aku sesat.

re:...ada sungai yang memang tempat orang berkelah...datang la sini...aku bawak kau pergi...

LuN said...


yep, im agree that foreigners gt to know Malaysia bcoz of KL. If we say we're malaysian, they keep wndering. KL very sinonym to them cmpared to Malaysia.
Errr..do we need to ask our PM to change the name? hehehe

1Malaysia. 1Comunity. 1Nation!

Peace, no war!

ai said...

Aku dah VOTE utk kau (^_^)

patungcendana said...

re:...KL la kan...hehe..

IxoR@ said...


Tp sgt tak suka traffic jammed yg menyesakkan diri....

p/s: i voted u!

IxoR@ said...


Tp sgt tak suka traffic jammed yg menyesakkan diri....

p/s: i voted u!

patungcendana said...

sudah vote...:-D